If you're not paying for it, you become the product

This is often said and often true. But not with PictureGo! PictureGo! is and has been a hobby project for years (see also: the history of PictureGo!). PictureGo! does not collect data with the exception of maintaining a list per country with the number of people who ever installed PictureGo! It does not contain spyware or malware of any kind.


Is PictureGo! safe?

Yes! That is my obvious answer but you should not take my word for it. When I download PictureGo! myself, Norton removes the program alltogether stating that few users of the Norton community use it and that the program is a threat.

In English: PictureGo! is unsafe and has been removed.

Virusscanners, these days seem to, by default, disqualify websites few people visit let go of the applications that can be downloaded from it. Let's be frank, this is not without reason. It is a shame though, it deprives small developers like me from feeling appreciated. On the other hand it deprives you, the user, from obtaining a valuable product for free. It is kind of a miracle in my believe, that there are still people having the guts to download PictureGo! and install it. Should you take my word on this? Of course not! Find out yourself, search on the internet to see what you can find on PictureGo!. One suggestion that might help you a bit further is VirusTotal. PictureGo! is worth it!



The use of PictureGo! is a 100% free of charge. However, if you like the program you might consider making a donation. Any amount is greatly appreciated!.

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