History of PictureGo!

The development of PictureGo! started in 1999. After I had bought my first digital camera, I wrote a program to watch my pictures in a slide show. Being an enthusiastic programmer, I continued to develop the program and version 8.2 is the thirtyninth release, so far....

Version 6.5 - August 2011

There is not that much to tell about this version. Only one functional change: Auto adjust.

When playing a slide show in thumbnail view, the number of pictures displayed on one page is determined by the corresponding setting.

When this number is set to, for instance, 77, thumbnail view will reserve 77 rectangles for images to display regardless of the number of pictures in the slide show.

This version comes with a new option Auto adjust. When the slide show actually contains only 35 pictures and the number of pictures displayed on one page is set to 77, still only 35 rectangles for images to display will be created. This way, as much space as possible is used to display the thumbnails.

After installing the version, Auto adjust is automatically activated. It can be turned off though, go to: Options->Thumbnails.

Apart from this functional change and a rather important bugfix there is one major change to the version.

When PictureGo! was developed 11 years ago, picture file names were not stored according the maximum length that Windows will allow. To make matters worse, in some cases this length was even reduced to create space for other information. As a result, a slide show could 'miss' certain pictures when playing a slide show.

In this version this problem is solved, almost every PictureGo! file including all MyShow files and Sound playlist files will be converted at start-up.

You might never have noticed problems in this regard. I myself am happy I finally decided to tackle this problem. Using PictureRetitle to rename my photos using rather long descriptions, I sometimes would run in to this problem. So finally I decided to deal with this major flaw. It is more fun to develop new features but sometimes it is better to bite the bullet: in this respect to write major conversion code.

Until version 6.6!

Auke Nijholt