From import to upload..

PictureGo! is designed to manage your image collection all the way. It starts with importing your pictures from a flash card or usb device. On the fly you can organize your images in ways that go far beyond the standard solution that Windows has to offer. To prevent the nightmare of losing your most precious pictures, PictureGo! provides the perfect solution to backup to Flickr. Should your computer fatally crash, PictureGo! is also capable of recovering your photo's from Flickr and recreate the collection to exactly the same state as it was before. In between you can watch slide shows, create custom slide shows with text and sound, create great collages, mail pictures and more...

Thumbnails in the main interface: 4 different sizes to choose from.

Thumbnail view

Thumbnail view (2-77 images on one page) offers a great way to perform certains actions on a set of selected pictures in one go. For instance to edit a set of pictures. (You can attach up to 5 different editing programs to PictureGo!) But also, delete, mail or adding pictures to one or more custom slide shows.