Slide show application

  • Add voice file/sound file per picture
  • Add sound playlist
  • Image transitions ~ Sound: Fade in/out
  • Add up to 5 text labels and a text box  per picture
  • Burn to CD/DVD
  • Play slide show directly from desktop

Picture viewer

  • Slide show from folder
  • Thumbnail view from 2 - 77 pictures per page
  • Intelligent zoom
  • Ratio crop
  • Mail
  • Reduce picture size
  • GPS-support
  • Create Desktop Themes for Windows7 and higher
  • One click access to internet cache (Edge/IE)
  • Power search; store as reusable filter

Audio player

  • Separate audio player
  • Create sound playlist for slide show
  • Import Windows Media Player playlists
  • Launch audio player and slide show application simultaneously
  • Compact mode
  • Play sound playlist directly from desktop

Flickr cloud backup and recovery  more..

  • Backup folders including subfolders
  • Set privacy on generic-, folder-, subfolder- or picture level
  • Auto tagging
  • Automatic creation of albums (based on folder names)
  • Recover photo collection to exact previous state 


Thumbnails are presented to you in a slide show. (No need to scroll down). From 2-77 pictures per page.

Main interface

Backup to Flickr