Flickr cloud backup and recovery (for jpg pictures)

Why backup to the cloud and why Flickr?

The benefits of using PictureGo! to backup your entire photo collection to Flickr:

PictureGo! keeps track of photos already uploaded and photo's that need to be replaced. Just select your main folder and click on Backup to Flickr. PictureGo! will scan all subfolders to see what needs to be uploaded (in the original size) or replaced.

Optional but highly recommended: let PictureGo! backup its Photo database to a cloud folder like Microsoft One Drive, Google drive, Dropbox or any other cloud service you prefer. Should your system crash into a situation beyond repair, you will still be able to restore your photo folder structure and recover your Photo collection to the state it was in before the crash occurred.

PictureGo! can automatically create tags based on the folder name the picture is stored in, the name of the picture itself and exif information like 'Date taken'. This gives you an incredible power to quickly search pictures on Flickr.

Also, you can have PictureGo! automatically create albums based on the folder name the picture is stored in.

PictureGo! never deletes pictures from Flickr. After deletion of a picture on your computer that was previousy uploaded, the picture will remain on Flickr. Tags and albums are only created at the first upload of a picture. That's why it is best to first put your pictures in a properly named folder (and naming your pictures) before uploading to Flickr.