New in version 6.2

Zoom function

The speed of zooming in and out, now depends on how fast the mouse wheel is scrolled.

Before you start to zoom, put the mouse pointer at the area of interest. That part of the picture will remain the center of the zoom operation until you move the mouse again.

When, because of zooming in, the picture goes over the edges of the screen you can pan the image. Hold the Control key down and move the mouse in the desired direction.

From now on you can zoom in on the full image (instead of having to crop first). There is a new button on the toolbar to switch to zoom mode.

Support for GPS

Right click on an image that has GPS coordinates in its EXIF-data and you will see a new menu item: Show location in Google Maps. Protect your privacy: when you share pictures through mail, upload and cd/dvd, you can, in the Reduce picture size process, exclude all Exif information from the smaller pictures you share.

Navigation bar

The main interface comes with a new navigation bar. This bar facilitates super fast navigation between the most important picture folders.


The extension .MTS has been added to the types of video files you can start through PictureGo!

Thumbnail view

Thumbnails now can be watched without a title bar beneath each thumbnail. This leaves maximum space for the shown pictures. This feature is optional and can be adjusted in Thumbnail options.