New in version 8.1

Bug fixes

The previous version was a major release and not uncommon, it contained quite a few bugs.

Maybe part of it, an upgrade to Delphi 10.3 was published and installed by me.

The upgrade caused the Audio Player window to change dimensions. This resulted in the menu to be displayed in a different way with much more space between the individual menu items.

Furhtermore, there were quite a few problems with synchronizations between the images on the middle part of the window and the actual state of those images.

For instance, after having rotated images, it would require a refresh of the tree in order for the middle part to show correctly. Even worse, certain actions would cause 'access violation' exceptions to occur.

There was also, another, problem regarding daylight savings time. This too would cause 'access violation' exceptions but maybe even more annoying: every time a picture would be displayed, the corresponding thumbnail would be recreated.

All problems known to date have been solved.