New in version 7.1

Restoring lost features

Two features were lost migrating from Turbo Delphi to Delphi XE5:

Fixed: Animated Gif images are not shown animated

Fixed: MyShow files are no longer automatically synchronized.

Final fix for the DST problem

Soon after the release of 7.0, Dayligth savings time caused major problems for the uploading of pictures to Flickr: the program selected all pictures to be replaced on Flickr. This required immediate action, version 7.0.1 was released. Nevertheless: comparing dates turned out to be a precarious task with timezones, leap seconds and daylight savings time. Version 7.1 has a new approach to check whether a jpg has changed or not: the file size is compared.

Extra copy after backup to Flickr

Extra copy: Every photo successfully uploaded (new or to be replaced) to Flickr can, at the same time, be copied to a folder on a different drive within your network.

File date

Reset file modification date to picture date taken: to prevent unnecessary thumbnail creation, the file modification date of the thumbnail is also resetted.

Thumbnail view: range select

Thumbnail view: range select by holding the Shift key down.

Folder exclusions

Exclude folder: folder exclusion (from browse window, slide show, search, upload to Flickr) used to apply only to the full path of the folder. New is that you can choose to exclude a subfolder name regardless of the full path. Example: if you exclude c:\Pictures\Paris\Corel automatic backup and you select Folder name in any path, any path that ends with the subfolder Corel automatic backup will be excluded.

Special Flickr tasks

Special Flickr tasks: (for emergences only; for example: a number of pictures on Flickr were deleted). Mark photo's to be uploaded as new photo's and Mark photo's to be replaced. Both options are available on picture level as well as on folder level.