New in version 7.6

Importing Google contacts - bug fix

Importing Google contacts contained a nasty bug. Names and email addresses could get mixed up. This has been fixed in version 7.6.1. If you use the PictureGo! mailing feature using Google mail,it is recommended to:

- Do a new export of your Google contacts, now using VCard as an export format.

- Import those contacts in PictureGo!

- Do not forget to check 'Clear contacts in advance', see image above.

Flickr customs albums

If you use PictureGo! use as your backup and recovery tool, you can put together a MyShow file and upload it as a custom album.


Bored with the standard theme? Go to Options->Theme. Six other themes to choose from.

Audio player

After closing the audio player (without stopping the music first), after restarting that same playlist again, it will resume at the point you stopped.