New in version 8.3

Fast slide show using the local Flickr database

If you are using PictureGo! as a backup (and recovery) tool to Flickr, you can speed up putting together slide shows or performing complex search operations.

All you have to do is (only once) create a new Show&Search database from your local Flickr database. After this, PictureGo! does not have to scan the file system anymore which is notoriously slow.

Selection of pictures will take place in an eye wink. After creation the new database is automatically maintained when pictures are uploaded to Flickr.


As of the release date of version 8.3, Pictureretitle has joined the site. Where the program used to have its own web-site offering a Basic and a Pro version (that required a license fee), as from now the program is hosted on the PictureGo! site as a freeware program with the same specs as PictureRetitle Pro. Enjoy!