New in version 7.3


A small enhancement to Filters that were introduced in PictureGo!'s previous version. You can now disable/enabled a filter by clicking on the filter icon in the filter bar. This is an easy alternative to having to use the dropdown menu to select 'No filter'.

Video file

The extension .mp4 is added to video files that are visible in the folder tree.

Image files

The extensions .tif and .png ares added to image files that are visible in the folder tree and can be played in a slide show.

Exif information

In full screen mode, you now have the option to show exif information in a fully customizable floating panel.

Support for IrfanView 64 bit version

PictureGo! uses IrfanView to resample and resize pictures in the process of copying a slide show or mailing pictures. So far this was only possible with the 32 bit version.